Sunday, June 15, 2008

It was a Birthday Blow-out Weekend...

Leah started her birthday celebration on Thursday and continued the festivities through Father's Day. Three parties for turning three!

We are fortunate enough to know this wonderful family whose adorably cute daughter, Lily, also shares the same birth date as Leah. So we joined forces on Saturday and had a wonderful birthday celebration at a gorgeous park. Here's a peak into this fun day...








More photo's can be found here. Thank you so much Leslie & Larry for sharing your daughter's special day with Leah.

Here's a few more pictures from other parties...




and finally...this is what Shawn looked like after we finished all our birthday and Father's day celebrations (Oh, he's going to kill me for this)...


Happy Father's day to all the dad's out there...especially to my awesome dad, Leah's wonderful daddy, Yee, and Uncle Andrew & Brad.


Leslie said...

Aww, we had a wonderful time too yesterday. Thank you so much Melissa and Shawn for sharing such a great day with us. Love the photo of Shawn, because we have done the same too.

Relax and Play today.

4ever 4some said...

We're so glad we got to share in Leah and Lily's birthdays. The party was wonderful! Love the pic of Shawn.

Marla said...

the Bailey's had a great time, we love spending time with you guys. love ya

sara said...

What an awesome time! The cakes! The girls! WOW!! Leah is getting so tan this summer; share some of that, sister!!

amy said...

what fun pics!

paige said...

oh my, your leah is such a beautiful & obviously delightful little girl. i adore her cute bob!
happy #3 precious leah!!

Lauren and Ed said...

Happy Birthday to a beautiful little girl. Looks like the party was a lot of fun and a success. :) To answer your question about the PIF, yes I did recieve your gift. I sent you a thank you e-mail a few weeks ago, but maybe it never got there. My computer went out for servicing and may be wiped out due to a virus. If so I won't be able to access the info to redeem my gify. Can you resend it to me?

sara said...

Where is NEWS from China? I really thought CCAI would hear something about the shared list every month; it looks like June has come & gone and nada....I keep checking to see if you have heard anything!!!

Amie said...

found your blog via Ni Hoa Y'all... Love your header and WOW do you know how to throw a party!!

ummm... OMGoodness that pic of your husband is hilarious!!!