Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bring it on...

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It's looking more & more promising that little Miss Kate could be home for Christmas, maybe Thanksgiving...or at least Valentine's day...or certainly before St. Patrick's day. I hesitate because it's a not-really-that-funny running joke among adoptive parents...that you don't really commit to a time frame, because it's a constantly moving target.

We started the adoption process for Kate in October 2006 and sent in our MCC (Medical Checklist) to our agency, CCAI, for a potential referral of a minor SN child in October 2007. The wait at the time was around 10-12 months. However, the waiting child program is experiencing an unexpected boom right now and we have a great shot of receiving a referral this summer. Now, how much fun is that?

Coinciding with this cool news, is that our U.S. approval to adopt is set to expire...figures. So we are in the midst of completely refiling all of the requirements to extend our approval status from the department of immigration to be eligible to adopt. The paperchase includes: medical physicals, birth certificates/marriage license, several financial disclosures & proof of income, reference letters, criminal background checks, FBI fingerprinting and another home study visit/recommendation.

Piece of cake.



hi! my name is amy and i have been following your blog for a month now. i must really say that i admire you! i have wanted to adopt a little girl from china since i was 14 and read about how unwanted girls are there. i am now 21 and i have a son of my but a little girl lives in my heart and reading your blog (and others) has made me relize how much i can't wait till i meet the age requirement! i also wanted to say leah is the cutest child (apart from my own ;)) i have ever seen. i am new to blogger and still figuring it out, forgive me if my blogger name does not show up.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update...we're keeping our fingers and toes crossed for you guys that the referral and subsequent travel is sooner rather than later. And I don't envy you having to go through the refiling motions...Ughhh! Seems that since you've already gone through this twice now there should be some sort of expidited process! Regardless, your family continues to be in our thoughts and prayers.

Looking forward to seeing Leah's birthday pics...can you believe our babies are 3?! It seems like just yesterday we were meeting them! Now, Shea is walking up to strangers in the store and saying "My birthday is June 11th. Do you want to come to my party?" Should be an interesting turnout....!

Talk to you soon!

Amanda said...

Ummm.....are you kidding me? You have to refile everything???? Is it because of the Hauge? Wow, what "great" news!

The good part is that we could see Kate's picture soon! We are so excited :D

We are still waiting on our fingerprint appointment (arrrggg)

sara said...

Well, girl, you have done it at least twice before!! I never, in a million years, imagined that (we) would be on the receiving end of something *good* in this process! It just seemed as if we were doomed to have that April 07 LID - the highest of all the months in history. Oh, I am excited; shocked - haven't allowed myself to believe that it is really possible. I think I started the whole process not *really* believing that we'd ever bring our daughter home and here we are - making history! Bring on the babies! Did i read somewhere that they had matched 16 last month off of that list? I can't find that info again.......Here's to waiting for Kate!

Leslie said...

O'My Melissa, what an exciting post to see. I can't wait till you see your baby Kates face for the first time.

Exciting times are ahead for your family, including getting all that paperwork redone. Always something, but so well worth it.

If I can help with anything let me know.

Marla said...

awesome news, we cant wait to see Miss Kates cute little face.

Amanda said...

Just poppin' in again....

I just hope that my earlier post wasn't too negative sounding because that is NOT how I meant it!I am SO EXCITED about you seeing sweet little Kate (and me too)

I just hate it that you have to refile everything again that's all

I hope you know I love you all!

Melissa said...

Oh, lordy honey...I would never ever think that. :) We know each other too well and our experiences are too similar...I understand you completely!

The "ugh" factor of being an open book again ain't all that fun...you know better than anyone. The one plus is that the USCIS is allowing one renewal for free, so at least that saves us some money.

We are so excited that it will be sooner rather than later on seeing Kate's face. I bet you all won't be that far behind. It'll be a fun couple of years for us as we grow from 3 to 4.

We love you all too!

Kate said...


This is such exciting news! I am so excited to watch your journey to Kate!! Renewal of forms....CAN'T stand the thought! We are at the point of deciding whether to go ahead and renew everything now and most definitely a third time...or just skip the interim updating and do it closer to referral. Such a different trip down adoption lane this time around...