Saturday, May 31, 2008


and loving every minute of it....

Shawn & I have collectively lost over 40 pounds since the beginning of March. That's so much fun to type. We've titled our "get fit" journey as "getting back to us".

Life's stresses and pressures over the last several years had taken a toll on us and we just weren't taking as good of care of ourselves as we should have. I thought we were looking AND feeling just terribly...old. Shawn is former 3rd degree black belt instructor and I'm a former college tennis player and instructor, so we both love being physically active. We are so, I need a better word...ELATED to get moving again and to feel like our "normal" selves.

So now we are both at the weight we were when we first met 9 years ago and have set a "college weight" goal, which we should hit around July. It's been a blast and I'm seeking out new ways to exercise, thus the fab new cruiser. Isn't it pinkalicious?

If you haven't tried, I highly encourage you to give this free web site a chance. It's a great way to track your fitness & food intake. We are never hungry and have had so much fun using this site as a guide. My extended family also started using this site and have lost a lot of weight as well. Congrats Mom, Dad, Rich and look fabulous!


Leslie said...

I'm going there to check it out. Thanks for the link. Well I do have to say, you were quite the hottie last night at chuch. Cute outfit, all tan, and buffed. You guys are such a beautiful family.

I have been wanting that bike for a long time. Did you get it at Target? Very preppy and so very cute.

Melissa said...

Hottie? Oh, I wish. :) Thank you for your kind words though.

That bike is from Target, my favorite shopping place on earth. They have a matching men's cruiser bike too. Pretty reasonable compared to the Electra Cruiser bikes that run 350+ on up. We put Leah on the back of Shawn's and she loves it.

I just need a little white basket and a bell, then I'm all set. I will officially feel like seven years old again.

Great to see you all the other night, too funny that we ran into each other!

sara said...

WoW, Melissa!! You rock! You have officially motivated me :=) I WAS waiting for that "china call" to get my booty into shape - but it looks like that may be happening soon! The bike is adorable!! I think I need one too!

Again, mucho congrats to you! and let's bring on the babes!

sara said...

Oh, and I love the new blog look. I bought this paper kit too!!

Ashley Winters said...

Love the pink bike. It's adorable!

Maree said...

Sis, you are the light of our family and we all love you so much!
We are forever indebted to you for your encouragement to help us all get on track.

Maybe we could all start a private group at TDP to use to encorage each other and trade tips.

You are the best! Love, Mom

Amanda said...

I LOVE this bike, I can totally see you cruisin on it :D

And congrats to both you & Shawn on the weight loss! I could totally tell in your beach pictures!

Sheri said...

Congratulations to you both!! Keep up the good work.