Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A House Divided's looking like a very real possibility we will be traveling to China either before the end of 2008 or in early 2009. WOW.

So in my usual fashion of indecisiveness in picking out names (I changed Leah's about 80 different times before finally settling)...I've added a few other favorites to the list.

Shawn and I decided that this time, we would wait until we saw her pretty little face to see which name would serve her best. However of the 6 names in the poll, all three of us have a favorite, and of course, they are all different. I love them all, so I don't think we can go wrong with any of them.

Got another name to throw into the mix or have a favorite?


sara said...

Hey Melissa,

I voted for Claire, because my husband wouldn't let me have it! it "went" with my kids too; Cole, Carter & Claire; but alas I let him pick the new babe's name!! But I do REALLY like Kate; it is so classic & beautiful!!

Amanda said...

Gosh, the pressure!!! hahahaha

I have two favorites... Kate & Lauren

I just can't wait to meet her! :D

Anonymous said...

What great news!!!! I only wish we could be traveling with you again! What is your LID date? Our friends had an LID of 5/07, and they are thinking it could be EIGHT YEARS if the matching continues as it's going. What are they doing wrong with their calculations? Your insight could save them a TON of grief!

Good to have you back...I've missed you guys! ;-)

Lynn Cranston

Melissa said...

Hey Lynn,

I wish you could travel with us again too, you all were the best!

Your friends calculations are sadly right...I'd say it will be no sooner than 5 years on the NSN list. We were LID 4/07 but about 6months ago sent in a medical checklist for the waiting child program at CCAI. We are hoping to receive a SN referral this summer and travel in the fall or winter based on the current timelines and recent changes to the program.

I took a bit of a blogger break...sorry for not updating as much, I'm getting some kickback from people needing their Leah fix. :)

Hope you all are doing fantastic!


Melissa said...

Hey Sara,

Oh, I just love Claire too...that was going to be Leah's name for the longest time!

Suzy said...

I love Kate, too. But one of my very favorite names is Cecelia Kate. Feel free to use it if you like it as I doubt I will get to even if we do adopt again.

Nicole said...

Kaitlyn Claire is a good one