Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bathing Suit Season is Upon Us....

The Daily Plate tracks what you are eating each day, logs your exercise and calculates calories burned and lots more...for FREE!

One of both Shawn and my goals for 2008 was to take better care of ourselves. A good friend of mine shared a awesome website that is so noteworthy, I felt the need to pass it along. I'm in love with how neat this web site is and how conscious I've become from tracking my fitness and food. It provides graphs of the breakdown (fats, carbs and protein) and keeps you in line with your cholesterol & sodium intake. It also tells you how many calories you can have each day based on your activity level and how much you want to lose each week.

We've set a goal of 12 weeks to get ourselves bathing suit ready...just in time for Destin.

Anybody else game?


Amanda said...

Hey Girlie......you are on!!

I'm so game :D I have been doing okay by myself, but it will be fun to track with you!

sara said...

huh. kinda caught me at a bad time (with a dougnut in my mouth) but I am definitely going to check the site out!) I love to be conscious of what I'm doing!!