Thursday, January 17, 2008

I Will Wait for You

Today marks the 9th month of our dossier being logged in China's Center for Adoption Affairs, and over a year since we started the paperwork for baby Kate.

It's especially funny now, because I remember back when we adopted Leah and we waited for nine months from LID to seeing her referral picture, which was three months longer than predicted, it was unbelievably stressful and felt like an eternity. It's all relative.

This wait for Kate has been just the opposite, completely laid back. It has absolutely nothing to do with wanting her less but everything to do with chasing a two year old around and satisfying that initial need to parent a child. And through the long struggle to become parents, I also learned the hard lesson of really letting go. God's timing is wondrous & impeccable. I would not have this absolutely precious child so truly PERFECT for our family had the first wait been "on time".

So with that, we truly celebrate this day...because no matter how long the road to Kate will be and how bumpy and curvy it will probably get, we will wait, knowing God is at work creating another perfect match.

And it will be so worth it.


Amanda said...

I really needed this this morning! How true is it. I'm so thankful for our friendship. The outlook you take on this journey & the wait is helpful to me & I know to the many that come here for inspiration.
Thank you for your friendship & your wonderful outlook :D


Sheri said...

Amen! God's timing is perfect, and letting go is so very hard. How great, though, that you are 9 months closer to your precious Kate.

sara said...

I hold on to the thread that God knows WHEN our family is ready. Sometimes I feel single-handedly responsible for the slow down:) You know..since WE aren't "ready" and all!!!! I try to be still & know that He is in control (not the CCAA) and that He knows what will be best for us - and yeah, she will be so worth it. I would wait forever........