Saturday, December 1, 2007

Asian Influence

One of my major projects I've been working on recently is to incorporate Asian influence into my traditional-style home. I've found some great wallpaper for our bathroom, accents for throughout the house and bedding from pottery barn kids that is soooooooooo cute for Leah's big girl room which will be soon underway.

I've been searching for some cool Ansel Adams style photographs of Chongqing, where Leah was born, to have on the walls. I came across an Asian amateur photographer on flickr that graciously sent me his photos at no charge in hopes of giving Leah a glimpse into her heritage along with the wish that she would learn chinese as well. I could not be more grateful for his generosity. I can't wait to matte & frame these!

Scenes of Chongqing

Three Gorges of the Yangtze River


Jake and Taryn said...

Wow! I got chills looking at the photographs just thinking about what they will mean to Leah. What an incredibly precious gift! They will be amazing in her room...I can't wait to see pictures of her big girl room...and of course see these hanging up. What a great idea to incorporate her heritage into her room....and of course, I LOOOOVE the bedding you picked out!

Sheri said...

These pictures are gorgeous. What a great way to incorporate Leah's heritage into your home.