Thursday, October 25, 2007

Potty Time!

As a first-time mom, this whole potty business was kind of daunting to think about. I just figured she would let me know when the time was right. We put out the Dora potty about 6 months ago to help her start understanding the concept, but I didn't feel she was ready for prime time yet.

But this past week, something's changed...a light bulb has gone off. With the help of Ariel underwear and the kitchen timer, I think Leah has got this one whipped.

Late last week, I put the timer on every thirty minutes and when the buzzer went off, I'd run her to the potty. She thought it was hilarious and went every time. A few days ago she's started just telling me when she has to go, so the timer went bye-bye. There's been dancing, singing and lots of high-five's and "Mama is so PROUD of you's" all week long. We just may have a potty-trained little chic on our hands. Shew, that was easy!

Tonight, I was baking cookies, and the timer went off. Leah ran from the living room and said "hurry, hurry, time to go potty!" Talk about Pavlov's Dog.

Second exciting (at least for me anyway) news is that in February, I get to host a Matilda Jane trunk show. I've never been a Tupperware or Pampered Chef party kind of girl. But this gets me going. I LOVE cute clothes for Leah, it's easily identified as my addiction.

Matilda Jane has just very cool, eclectic clothing for little girls and women. The owner travels around to art shows in the mid-west and only sells her unique,funky clothing at fairs or through trunk shows. The trunk show I will be hosting will offer her spring line. So, if you are interested in coming to my little shin-dig or ordering, stay tuned for the date.


sara said...

Oh, yeah! I'm interested in coming to your trunk show!! I have already been on their website & at least want to order a dress..or 2.

amy said...

Oh I wish I lived near you, that sounds fun!

Jake and Taryn said...

CONGRATS on the potty training!! That is so great!! Way to go Leah!! What a fast learner she is!

Sounds like your Matilda Jane Trunk show is going to be a blast!! They have the cutest clothes!

Queen of Chaos said...

I love it when 'a bell' goes off for the little ones who are trying to potty train! The timer idea is great :)

I was looking at those blogs that shared some of my same interests when I came across you. I am a mommy as well as you. I have 5 children-YIKES! I do a lot of scrapbooking and have just got into the digital scrapbooking recently. It's been loads of fun!

I think it's sweet you have adopted your adorable Leah, and soon Kate, from China. :) I bet your heart is so full of joy and pride right now. Keep up the good work!

Sophie's Mom said...

Congrats on the potty training! Yahoo! I love Sophia's lil tush in her undies... ;) It's just pinchable!

LINDA said...

Such great going Leah! Cute that the oven timer refreshed the training....I can definitely see my Sara wanting cute baby clothes. She has great taste and her kids are always dressed so cute. I've heard her cooing already!