Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Daddy Day

Every other Monday, Shawn is able to stay home with Leah through flex-time at his job...pretty cool, huh? It's definitely comes in handy and really wonderful that they have that special time together where Shawn reverts back to bachelor days and it seems that no rules exist. It's kind of sickening and cute at the same time.

Want pizza for breakfast??....Why not?

Don't want to take a nap??.....You got it babe!

Watch 15 back-to-back episodes of Dora??...Anything for my girl!

Daddy day means ALL FUN, ALL THE TIME.

It's no secret that Leah has Daddy WRAPPED..and with no shame...he freely admits it. But do you blame him? She's pretty darn cute and awfully lovey-dovey.

Shawn and Leah have this little thing they do now...where in unison they both yell..."We're buddies, we're amigos...we're PALS!" And that they are.

On this rare occasion, I was invited to partake in a Daddy day and met them at the park on my lunch hour. And yes, Mamarazzi keeps a camera in my car for just such an occasion.


Amanda said...

Love this post!!! And the song is awesome!

Sophie's Mom said...

What a wonderful Daddy she has! Looks like they had a blast!

Jake and Taryn said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!! There is nothing like the relationship between Daddy and his little girl! That is so great that they have a special day together! It is funny...as just as I was watching your slideshow and reading your post, my Dad came by my house! :) I love that you did a post on this...and Leah's little white Keds are so adorable!

sara said...

Daddy even had her in a bow!! Too cute!

Melissa said...

You know the funny thing is...I got the call that they wanted to meet me for lunch and the first thing I asked was what he put her in!

He's been known to put together some interesting color combos and the clothes have been put on backwards more than once, etc.

He always finds a color coordinating bow though, I'll give him that!

He's a great daddy, and husband. We are so glad to have him dote on us!


LINDA said...

Soooo cute. She is beautiful and he so obviously dotes on her. You are a lucky woman...Sara's Mom

Sheri said...

This is just so precious that they get this time together. Aren't all little girls supposed to be "daddy's girls?" There is nothing sweeter than this special relationship.