Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bring Me Hope

A little thing I do on the side is share our adoption story and educate families on adopting from China and my agency, CCAI, at information seminars across the state.

It has been a rewarding experience to share the joy adopting Leah has given us, and we've met some awesome people too. Since the wait has slowed to a crawl, I haven't done too much promoting lately but did present at a seminar this morning. I used this beautiful video during my presentation, there wasn't a dry eye in the house. If you haven't seen this...grab a kleenex. I've watched this video a bazillion times and I still blubber. It's mostly because this video is about bringing hope to a child in need, and now, as a parent to one of these children, I know it's THEM that bring hope to us. We rescue each other.


Sheri said...

Thanks for sharing this video. I blubber, too, every time I watch it! I'd had it bookmarked as a favorite and lost all my bookmarks. Thanks to you, I've got it marked again.

sara said...

Thanks for sharing this; words can't express how it makes me feel...the little girl in the yellow coat alone in the hallway, trying to wipe away her own tears..yeah, she's the reason we are adopting an older child......I wish I could wipe her tears away for her.

Leslie said...

Yes, this vidoe is a tear jerker for sure. I had it on my baby jelly beans site, but had to delete it over in China for more picture space. I need to put it on my blog for sure. It's been awhile since I've watched it. Are they not the cutest little kids ever!!!!!