Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Leah got to spend the weekend with her cousins on both sides of the family. She went to a princess party on Saturday for her cousin Mallory's 4th birthday which was totally up her alley. She also got to meet her newest cousin, sweet baby Turner. On Sunday, we all met Sammy (adopted from Russia by my brother and his wife) for the first time, just an adorable little guy as well. It will be so much fun for Leah to grow up with so many cousins close in age.

Princess Belle #3 drinking her "tea" and eating her yummy snacks at the birthday party

The three Belle's

Holding our new adorable nephew, Turner

Playing phone tag with Sammy

Awesome Uncle Rich ATTEMPTING to read a book....

And Aunt Rachel SUCCESSFULLY reading a book (she's got the touch)

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