Sunday, July 1, 2007

She's Got Something Special...

When you adopt internationally and become a multi-racial family, you are no longer anonymous. The reality of our situation hits me every time I go out in the world completely forgetting my daughter is Asian (and that does happen quite a bit)and that I am Caucasian and the stares and friendly smiles remind you.

Several times a week, we'll run into someone that is completely captivated by Leah and can't resist coming up and asking questions and going beyond just the friendly smile. Those are usually people that are touched by adoption in some way, or are considering adoption and just have to know more.

We ran into a nice couple today at Cherokee park that just fell in love with Leah the moment they saw her and had to come over to ask questions and play with her. As we walked away, I couldn't help but feel that this couple was considering adoption and seeing Leah might have helped them with their decision.

Prior to making our decision to adopt a couple of years ago, we were also in Cherokee Park and discussing whether or not to adopt when a beautiful little Chinese girl in a stroller with her Caucasian father passed us and smiled the biggest, heartwarming smile at us for the longest time. We knew right then and there that we most certainly would adopt, and we knew exactly what country our child was located in.

Leah touches so many lives, and it multiplies daily, it's really incredible when you think about it. When we were saying our goodbye's to the couple today, they said the kindest things about Leah's inner and outer beauty, but my favorite thing they said was..."Gosh, you can just see the absolute joy in her eyes...what a special little girl."

We think so too.

We tried to stop her, but she just couldn't resist giving Daddy some fish lips...


amy said...

you get the greatest pics..this is another precious one!

Anonymous said...

I agree she DOES have something special! I love the picture of her & Shawn! I hope you all are having a great Summer

Amanda & Lilee

Leslie said...

I must confess that I'm a lurker to your blog for some time now. You don't know me, but we go to the same church, and found your babyjellybeans site first. That's how I learned about you and then by a friend, when I was telling her how cute your daughter was. She knew you from the adoption world. We are getting ready to travel in a few weeks to bring our daughter home. Her name is Lily, and she is 2 years old. If you would like, you can follow our journey at We have a babyjellybeans website also, that we will journal from in China. You can find the link to that on the sidebar of my blog. Hopefully we can meet you guys one day. You have a beautiful family.