Thursday, July 19, 2007

Swim Lessons

Here's some footage of Leah during her swim lessons...she is doing so well! Leah is very focused and determined, and listens to instruction...proud mama, can you tell? After she completes this course, she will have a strong foundation in swimming, know skills that will protect her from harm, and she will not need a floatation device to swim as she grows older. It's really amazing.

Week 1 was centered around getting comfortable with "Mr. Jim" and learning how to go under water and keeping her eyes open (to look for exits in case of trouble) and mouth shut. Week 2 is teaching Leah how to float.

Go Leah Go!


Maree said...

Can my baby be only 2 years old?! Takes my breath away to watch this, but I know it is a good thing. Leah will be able to teach me how to swim someday!

So proud of you baby doll! You go girl!
Love, Grammy Re

amy said...

She is awesome!

Amanda said...

Wow!!!! What a little fish! I'm amazed at how she is swimming! What a great course! I pretty much just sat there shocked, she looks like such a pro :D

We just got back from the beach & Lilee had no clue!! Maybe I will look into something like this here!

Miss you all!