Saturday, June 2, 2007

Pay It Forward

My brother Brad, his wife Cheri, and their new son adopted from Russia were united as a family today back in the United States after a long adoption process that included two trips to Russia and longs stays in Moscow.

Adoption is at the very core of our family. My dad adopted Brad and I when we were young and loved us from the get-go. He's a pretty amazing guy and definitely one to model after in life with stong morals, hilarious sense of humor and a heart of gold. Because of him and his actions, early on I learned adoption is a great way to build a family.

It's beyond cool to me that both Brad and I ended up adopting as well, funny how life works out. Thanks Dad, for being the best dad and grandfather that we could ever ask for.

Congratulations Brad and Cheri!

My Dad (Pop-Pop), Brad and Sammy and my Mom (Grammy B) welcoming Sammy home at the Norfolk airport


amy said...

I have happy tears!!! What a great post..congrats to the new family

Maree said...

Thanks for all the kind words about Dad. Having Leah and Sam in our lives, and the hope of little Kate, is such a blessing! Our cup runneth over!

Love, Grammy B