Saturday, June 16, 2007

I Love You Daddy

Forget the cologne, the tie and the cards, Leah strung four priceless words together this weekend for the first time...I Love You Daddy...he's mush.

Leah and I are so lucky to have such a great father and husband, thank you for all you are and do. We love you!

Have a wonderful Father's Day Pop-Pop, Yee, Uncle Brad and Uncle Andrew!

Why Daughters Need a Daddy

Because without him she will have less in life than she deserves

To help her find her way in life

To teach her to stand up for herself

To carry her just because she wants to be carried

To learn what to expect from her husband

To hold her when she cries

To show her how to fix things herself

To teach her unconditional love


amy said...

What a precious post!!!!! Love the pictures..Shes just so sweet

Maree said...

What wonderful pictures! So good to see Shawn be able to lift Leah high in the air!

Love the picture of Leah leaning over the swing! That's my girl!

We are blessed to have great guys in our lives. Here's to the men!! ;-)

Love, Grammy Re