Friday, May 4, 2007

One year ago today...

Mom and I boarded a plane that took us around the world, over the north pole, to Hong Kong.

I felt like a child at Christmas time filled with anticipation and overwhelming excitement of finally holding our "Fu Bear" in my arms, while at the same time just absolutely heartbroken to leave Shawn behind on the final leg of this long, amazing journey of building our family. It was a wild mix of emotions.

We were eight hours into the sixteen hour flight when Mom and I knew we had lost it and were heading to the looney bin. It was clearly when we were watching "Big Mama 2" and laughing hysterically as if it was a 4 star movie and even more evident when mom was caught dancing in her seat with headphones on to "who let the dogs out". That long on a plane is just plain crazy making stuff.

Last year after we landed in Hong Kong, I wrote in our travel journal...

"We made it! We arrived in Hong Kong at around 5:00 p.m. on Friday. Mom thinks Hong Kong looks like Hoover Dam…concrete everywhere. It was pretty hot and muggy and the smog is very thick here.

Our hotel, the Kowloon Shangri-la is absolutely gorgeous! The room is definitely a 5 star hotel by US standards. We crashed into our nice, comfy beds and slept like babies."

and the party was just getting started...


amy said...

Cant wait to hear more of your past and future journeys!!!

We are LID April 2007

Maree said...

Although it broke my heart Shawn was not able to go to China on this trip, I was honored to be his stand-in.

To think about the trip we made still takes my breath away. Indescribable joy and anticipation!

We could not wait to get our "Fu Bear" in our arms and tell her how much she was loved, and how she was our "forever" girl!

You have my heart! Love, Grammy B