Tuesday, March 13, 2007

We got it!

We received our I-71 H-favorable approval from the United States in the mail today to adopt Leah's sister...such a surprise and in record time (for us), it was officially submitted on February 26, two years ago we waited almost 80 days for this sheet of paper. We will get certified and authenticated tomorrow at the state Capitol and then it will be overnighted to a courier in Washington to walk it around for authentication by the U.S. State Department and Chinese Consultate.

By Monday, our dossier should be on in Denver, Colorado for critical review and translation and then off to China by the end of the month.

It's just as much fun the second time around, we are thrilled to pieces!

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Anonymous said...

YIPEEE!!!!! That is awesome! I know you are just thrilled!! Let's pray for a quick LID!! I love the new pictures of Leah, it looks like your new camera is great :D


ps...I used your tips on Ebay & I'm happy to report, Lilee is the proud new owner of two outfits!!