Sunday, March 4, 2007

I'm in Business Now...

Capturing Leah's personality on film has been a very difficult project of mine on the digital camera I've been using, it's a great Sony digital camera but I can take 100 pictures and only have couple that capture her beautiful spirit because of the slow shutter speed that average digital cameras have.

I have always loved photography and enjoyed my photojournalism courses the most in college, so I am thrilled to be the new owner of a awesome new camera (Canon Rebel XL) that will help me take a faster, more professional pictures of Leah and any of my other subjects...I won it on Ebay for several hundred dollars less than what it would have cost retail. I can't wait to put it to good use! Stay tuned and see if you notice the difference.

Speaking of Ebay, I've been hanging out a lot there lately...I've bought Leah some absolutely PRECIOUS summer outfits for unbeliveable prices and most are brand new with tags still on them. I admit I've gotten a little trigger happy and my competitive spirit might have gotten me into a wee bit overbuying, it's just so hard to resist little girl's clothing....and getting boutique dresses for under $20 is hard to pass up. Here's a few of my recent wins:

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Anonymous said...

Love the dresses!!!! You will have to tell me your secrets to winning :D

Amanda & Lilee