Monday, March 5, 2007


Honestly, I don't know how Shawn stands it, I've been under the weather for a few days and coughed so much it hurts...this has been Shawn's daily life for 3 years now....could you imagine having a neverending bad cold? Agghh. I've had it for 3 days and I'm a whiner already. He has the patience of Job, I've decided..I just could never put up with it the way he has, and he remains is such great spirits is the thing I don't never hear him complain.

He's finally got a Doctor that seems to care about him in Louisville, so we are hoping that the "let's just put a band aid on it" approach on it has passed, cause that's getting kind of old. Here's a picture of Leah making fun of Mommy....

She also does an awesome impression of Daddy...I'll ask her "what sound does daddy make when he sleeps? and she closes her eyes and fake's hysterical. I mean, who needs cable when you have kids to entertain you?

I love this new camera already!

P.S. To my dear Amanda and Lilee, my trade secrets to buying cute outfits cheap....I put all my favorites on my watch list (type in Lilly Pulitzer, Greggy Girl, Oriental Trading in the search engine and found seller's with 100% ratings selling new or nearly new clothes), and then I wait until at least a couple of hours before the auction closes to begin bidding. Chances are, if you think something is pretty cute, somebody else does too, so I try to avoid getting into a bidding war with myself as someone will more than likely drive my price up. So you lurk, and stay anoymous as long as possible and then enter the maximum bid you would be willing to pay and walk away, you don't have to pay that price unless someone bids up to it. Good luck!

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