Saturday, March 31, 2007

Neighborhood Egg Hunt

We are very fortunate to live in a great subdivision for families that has a load of fun activities for the kids on the holiday's. Leah got the hang of picking up eggs quick and she went to town!

Her first experience with a oversized bunny went remarkably good as well...who knew she's perfectly okay with a big furry rodent? She simply sat down next to the Easter bunny and introduced him to Mama and Dada like the polite little chic that she is.

This would be where she was politely introducing

her Mama and Dada to the Easter Bunny

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Almost on the Slow Boat to China...

Our dossier has passed critical review and is now being translated before heading over to China early next week and the wait officially begins. Fortunately, this time around, we have "lil' bit" to entertain us and she's pretty darn good at that. She's doing something new pretty much everyday and LIVES to crack us up. Her favorite thing to do this week is when I say "do something to make Mama laugh...", she snorts like a pig. Gets me every time.

She's got her colors down pat and even knows what white, pink and brown are. She can't say her "G's" so her most favorite thing to do right now is "Do out-iiide"...she loves to play outside when the weather is warm. At dinner time, she always sure to compliment the chef with a "Mmmmmmmmmm...that's sooo guuuoood". She's just plain priceless.

Getting Some Early Wear Out of Her Easter Bonnet.

In case you can't read her shirt, it says"I'm in Charge Here...the Parents are Just for Show."

Sad, but true.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

We got it!

We received our I-71 H-favorable approval from the United States in the mail today to adopt Leah's sister...such a surprise and in record time (for us), it was officially submitted on February 26, two years ago we waited almost 80 days for this sheet of paper. We will get certified and authenticated tomorrow at the state Capitol and then it will be overnighted to a courier in Washington to walk it around for authentication by the U.S. State Department and Chinese Consultate.

By Monday, our dossier should be on in Denver, Colorado for critical review and translation and then off to China by the end of the month.

It's just as much fun the second time around, we are thrilled to pieces!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Don't Ya Love Those Weekend Days...

when you have the whole day free to do whatever you want? It just doesn't happen much at our house so we sure like to enjoy those days when they happen.

We had a great day with all the right ingredients: Leah waking up to see her new red coupe that Daddy put together the night before, yummy pancakes and link sausage made especially by Daddy, then we drove up to Cincinnati for some fun shopping, chocolate ice cream, La Rosa's pizza and a couple of spins around a carousel. Leah crashed into bed tonight one happy little girl.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

We're Going to Disney World!

Shawn has wanted to go to Disney World with little bit before we even dreamed her up. I had previously told him that we needed to wait until she was five years old to go, much to his chagrin. Well, I've totally caved in and we are going for it...I mean, why the heck not? Leah loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the Disney Channel, and she is always game for anything, so I really think she'll have fun...remember it, you betcha.

We have already planned a fun family vacation to Destin, Florida in May and are staying in beautiful Watercolor at the Adagio Condos , we are so excited to get Leah on the beach again and looking forward to getting away.

But we also wanted to celebrate all three of our summer birthday's and our wedding anniversary as well as end the summer off right so we've booked a Royal Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas and also plan on staying a few days in Disney World in August. Now how much fun is that?

Monday, March 5, 2007


Honestly, I don't know how Shawn stands it, I've been under the weather for a few days and coughed so much it hurts...this has been Shawn's daily life for 3 years now....could you imagine having a neverending bad cold? Agghh. I've had it for 3 days and I'm a whiner already. He has the patience of Job, I've decided..I just could never put up with it the way he has, and he remains is such great spirits is the thing I don't never hear him complain.

He's finally got a Doctor that seems to care about him in Louisville, so we are hoping that the "let's just put a band aid on it" approach on it has passed, cause that's getting kind of old. Here's a picture of Leah making fun of Mommy....

She also does an awesome impression of Daddy...I'll ask her "what sound does daddy make when he sleeps? and she closes her eyes and fake's hysterical. I mean, who needs cable when you have kids to entertain you?

I love this new camera already!

P.S. To my dear Amanda and Lilee, my trade secrets to buying cute outfits cheap....I put all my favorites on my watch list (type in Lilly Pulitzer, Greggy Girl, Oriental Trading in the search engine and found seller's with 100% ratings selling new or nearly new clothes), and then I wait until at least a couple of hours before the auction closes to begin bidding. Chances are, if you think something is pretty cute, somebody else does too, so I try to avoid getting into a bidding war with myself as someone will more than likely drive my price up. So you lurk, and stay anoymous as long as possible and then enter the maximum bid you would be willing to pay and walk away, you don't have to pay that price unless someone bids up to it. Good luck!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

I'm in Business Now...

Capturing Leah's personality on film has been a very difficult project of mine on the digital camera I've been using, it's a great Sony digital camera but I can take 100 pictures and only have couple that capture her beautiful spirit because of the slow shutter speed that average digital cameras have.

I have always loved photography and enjoyed my photojournalism courses the most in college, so I am thrilled to be the new owner of a awesome new camera (Canon Rebel XL) that will help me take a faster, more professional pictures of Leah and any of my other subjects...I won it on Ebay for several hundred dollars less than what it would have cost retail. I can't wait to put it to good use! Stay tuned and see if you notice the difference.

Speaking of Ebay, I've been hanging out a lot there lately...I've bought Leah some absolutely PRECIOUS summer outfits for unbeliveable prices and most are brand new with tags still on them. I admit I've gotten a little trigger happy and my competitive spirit might have gotten me into a wee bit overbuying, it's just so hard to resist little girl's clothing....and getting boutique dresses for under $20 is hard to pass up. Here's a few of my recent wins:

Friday, March 2, 2007

Time Flies When Your Having Fun...

It was a year ago on February 28 that we received Leah's referral and saw her picture for the first how quickly the year went by, we fell instantly in love with that beautiful face and have been hooked ever since.

These are still by far my most favorite pictures of her.