Saturday, February 10, 2007

Happiness Times Two

The characters for "magpie" literally mean "birds of happiness". A picture of two magpies facing each other stands for double happiness. The call of the magpie foretells the arrival of a guest, good news, or good fortune.

This weekend, we mailed off the paperwork we have been compiling since before Thanksgiving. The majority of our dossier to adopt from China is complete and we are now waiting on formal permission from the U.S. Government Immigration department to adopt a foreign born child. We expect the USCIS I-71 H form to arrive mid-March and then we will finalize our dossier by sending it to local, state and federal officials to authenticate. Our dossier will most likely arrive in China after being translated into mandarin in late April and the long wait for Leah's mei-mei (meaning: little sister, pronounced May-May) begins.

The wait time to adopt once you are logged in is currently 14-16 months, but we anticipate our actual wait to be approximately two years. It's crazy to think it could take that long or even longer, but anyone who's adopted internationally knows that the actual day you get your child is a constantly moving target and it takes a lot of patience, faith and determination to get to that day.

We are excited to add to our family again and know it will all be worth it...just like the wait for Leah was...boy, was it ever. In the meantime, we will find great joy in watching Miss Leah continue to shine and grow and appreciate each and every single day.

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